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Default Horror Challenge

Hey guys, letís get a challenge going!

Clallenge Theme - Horror
Model and texture a character that would be seen in a horror film or game, comic etc, think Hellraiser, Jason, Freddie, Resident Evil, Silent Hill etc.

The character can be humanoid, animal or whatever you fancy, just make him/her/it mean!

The character can be a bust or full/part, can be low, mid or high poly. If you want to add a background in there go for it but itís the character thatís the main focus.

Texturing is allowed as well and any scenery that you may want to add, although the main focus of the challenge is the model.

Software -
Any welcome, though all work must be yours, from scratch, post up regular progress pictures so that we can see a development of the model.

Time -
2 Months (and a bit) so the deadline is 16th October 10pm GMT

A week before the deadline I will set up a final entry thread, post the final entry in here as well as any other shots that you want to show off your model, but keep to a single "presentation pose".

Results -
Via a poll for all finished entries, so you guys will be voting for what you like the most.

Any questions with the above please post them here and I will answer them.

To Enter

To enter create a thread with your name and Horror Challenge, so for example the thread subject for me would be

gster123 - Horror Challenge

Post your progress/development in here for comments and crits from other members.

I have set up a reference sticky for some ideas.

THe winner of the competition gets $100 USD from Simply Maya as well as a shiney winners medal to post in their signature.

Lets get it on and good luck to all!

"No pressure, no diamonds" Thomas Carlyle
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