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Default Mental Ray Phenomena

Hey All

a friend of mine here is writng a mental ray shader which is working real nice right now. However he has a render pass prob

here is what he is doing, any thoughts on this please give me a shout:


'I am having a slight issue that I hope someone could help me with.
I've created a mental ray phenomena that's working fine. However, I would like to render multiple frame buffers from that phenomena.

I'll simplify the problem down to make it a bit easier to explain. I have one node that is calculating the diffuse and another node that calculates the specular. These are added together to give the output of the phenomena. However, I would like to render the diffuse and specular into their own frame buffers also. Is there any way to set this up inside the phenomena.

It would be fairly similar to how the car paint shader had it's spec1_result and spec2_result attributes.

Thanks a lot for any help.'
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