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@Mayaniac: Other software discussions are always welcome, I just wanted to mention Simply3dWorld as there were a lot of discussions on this a few years back before my time and we do have the sites for Lightwave and Max as well. There was also a forum thread on this a few months back so I wanted to bring it up.

On the new Simply Maya we want to provide more diverse training than we currently have on this site, we will start by building up a lighting and dynamics section, and to do so for more than one application and keep the same quality across it would be a nightmare. Also to integrate the boards across the sites wouldn't really work as Simply Max has never had a community and Simply Lightwave has been dropping off over the past year. One of the great things about SM is that people usually get good repies to their questions as there's some great Maya knowledge in this community, and to expect the same level of knowledge for Lightwave and Max would probably be expecting a bit much and might end up damaging the community rather than enriching it we think. So that's the reason for why Simply Maya will remain a clean Maya site, rather than becoming Simply3dWorld.
@murambi: The site will be slower for the first weeks while we work out all the kinks, but after that it should run as fast as the current site does.
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