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Mahesh I am not employed in the industry, my formal training is in Cel animation - I'm struggling to get to a point in 3D you obviously have. I can't do what you have.

Theres lots I liked about the two animations, but a few things 'I' would adjust just a fraction.

First in your walk cycle, your characters weight (to me) seems too far back over her heels (but I draw characters with exagerated lines of action, who run impossibly close to horizontal )

I liked your skateboard guy, first run through I noticed it looked like his toes slid forwards along the ground when he's pushing back (Especially at 000:08 and 00:09). But then the jump! First camera shot was good. The extended second shot showing him throwing out his arm to keep balanced I thought was great.

But when I watched it again (and again) I still LOVED the character animation on landing but theres something about the board after landing- it drifts, if the wheels had traction he'd be thrown forwards just a little (or something? not sure). The last second at 00:17-00:18 this jumps out everytime. Would NEVER notice it unless I was critiquing, the focus doesnt get taken from the character. But you asked for feedback and one thing I AM good at its poking holes in others work
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