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Thank you dave. By hip movement do u mean, it should be up or down or sideways.

Glad that you and David have watched all my videos and have liked it.
I have created the set(environment) myself. Had not intended to texture it initially but later changed my mind.

I did tried a lot of camera angles before finalizing on what you see. It really helps to make a simple scene dramatic.

Thanks again for all the kind words.

By Cel animation you mean the traditional way of animation. If thats so i envy you. That is real art.

Walk cycle- I should have given a light rotation to the spline.Right now its looking stiff. I agree

Skateboard- Skateboarders manoeurve their boards using one foot on the edge of their boards. I tried to show the same thing but i forgot to move the skate board with respective to the foot movement. Thats why it looks like the toes are sliding. I will change it in my final reel. Thanks for noticing that out

When you spend hours working on some thing you find everything to be right. Your eyes stop finding mistakes. Its always good to show it to others and find out what they think about it. Isn,t it?

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