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Default Maya Hair/Polygon Error

Hey dudes! Someone mind giving me a hand here??

I'm creating a woman in Maya and was going to use maya hair follicles. I modeled one half of her body with polys, then duplicated it to the other side and merged the two sides. From the original model of the woman, I created a scalp to create hair from. After creating the hair, hair follicles were only created on one side of the scalp, following along the same axis that the original body was merged.

I did a little bit of snooping. I made a plane and created hair from the faces. And it all worked fine. All the faces selected had hair follicles. Then I mirrored the plane and merged the vertices and then selected all the faces and created hair. The hair was only created on one half, just like it was done on the woman's scalp.

So I'm assuming that it has something to do with the polygon mesh. I've centered pivot, frozen transformations and deleted history and none of that works. Would anybody have any idea whats going on here???

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