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Default Question, please help if you can

Ok heres the deal, i started sculpting the mesh in ZBrush, subdivided it already so it has over 16M vertices. I plan to send this file for 3dprinting, and for that it needs to be one whole mesh. Trouble is that the hair, eyelids, and some little parts are not connected to the main mesh in terms of vertices or lines or faces, they are few milimeters above the main mesh. I need to get rid of those parts. I have spent hours on that sculpture and i love how it came out. Theres so many verts that after importing to maya, i cant even see them, it looks like one whole surface, the points are so densely placed. Yet i need to remove those parts, is there any way to automatically select parts of the mesh that isnt connected physicallly to main shape ?

Please let me know.
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