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3dStudent for the After Effects I didn't read it properly, I had CS5 in my head not 5 I was thinking how to upgrade Ten years is a lot for compositing software, as in Maya modeling in an older version vs a new one would make a lot less of a difference than doing something like dynamics where things improved massively. We have two tuts atm on AE, check out how well it compares if it's workable or not with what you have

The first one uses CS3, and the Asteroid Chase I believe is CS5 could be CS4. Davids production workflow also uses CS5 for depth of field

In terms of help Dave's been using AE for many years so he'll be able to help you if you go with this. He also just said to me that this is a lot more user friendly than something like nuke. If you're starting out you can of course go with any software you like, I thought maybe you already had some knowledge on how to use AE in which case it would be a bad idea to switch, but as you're a lifetime member I know we'll definitely have more AE training. For fusion we will not, at least not any time in the near future.


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