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Thx again mate, but its not turning sequential frames into an animation that was stumping me. I've done that countless times with hand-drawn frames of animation. In many different packages. Handdrawn stuff I mostly compile in Adobe Premier, I animate with a tablet directly into Mirage (which could have also imported these iffs if I'd tried to)

This all started because I thought there was a rendering issue/setting in Maya I had buggered up somehow. I was under the impression that as intense as I'd made my scene, I should have been able to just set it to render to avi, hit the button and before I could open the folder it rendered to, it would be there.. Instead after 5 mins when my PC still said it was 0% complete I found that error message and posted here because I thought I'd done something wrong

.... And because I dont speak Techjargonish I couldnt decode "unknown field with tag 37724 (0x935c) encountered"
I understood "Warning" and the filepath to where I had the tiffs, but that didnt help me.
Google sent me to many unhelpful links about ImageMagick.. So I got lazy, I posted here for help knowing I'd soon have some input from you three at least, hopefully someone who speaks binary and understands the scrolling green lines in the matrix movies...
Sadly I didnt communicate my prob very well and reading my first post now, I see why people believed I couldn't render more than one frame..

But then I opened up the seperate can of worms which is Compositing programs, figuring this is how you guys were compiling your iffs and knowing none of the programs I use handle things like render passes (which I'm going to have to learn about)- I confused my thread by asking what Compositing program everyone recommends?

Anyway after ANOTHER novel... point is I REALLY appreciate your time and inputs, I'm sorry I wasted so much of it... I'm liking Fusion so far, dragged 1st rendered iff into the flow and hey presto the rest automatically followed and it was done, dragged in an image of my Son and neices which seemed to have a similar angled ground plane to my Snow scene and Hoila........

...... well it didnt really work, i merged them together but it didnt look like the kids were standing in snow. But still, I think fusion is the one for me for the time being.
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