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Default Rigging Missouri

I never liked rigging, but now I am really starting to hate it, during the past few days I must have read a couple of books and seen a dozen ( starts of) tutorials, I started out by working of a book called Hyper realistic creature creation, but in the end didn't work out for me ( will spare you the details, but the short version entails that there where to many linked scripts to my liking which can -Bliep- up the rig), now for the second time I stumble upon something which annoys me greatly and I hope you guys can help me out with this one..freeze transformations.
Now I know what it is, but unfortunately for me I have made my little green friend with his arms in a ( approx)45 degree angle which in turn means that when I freeze transforms the manipulator snaps to world space coordinates and I really want to move along a more natural axis instead of fighting the controls all the time.
So if someone knows off a way of freezing the transforms without losing the manipulator-orientation please let me know.( I want this because freeze transformations zeroes out values in the channelbox).

I also want to incorporate the following:
-pinning without snapping: I mean pinning in a motionbuilder/human IK kinda way but when I turn it of I don't want it to snap back at a previous location ( same goes for the IK/FK blending), so when I pick the hand/wrist control and pull it to the right the whole body follows

- a easy way to get animation transfered from a low ress mesh to a higher polycount model ( i am not talking wrap deformer)
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