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It looks like you're on the right track, but because characters are *made* to deform in animation, it is super important that the topology is made very specifically. I can tell just by looking at your model that the topology is not correct (not to mention some anatomical issues).

I bet that making that model was a great learning process already! I would consider *that* the accomplishment in this model, and not even consider the model something to be used for anything.

Now, as for where you can go from here, I would say there are two things you should do if you would like to pursue character modeling.

1. Study anatomy. This involves basic study of human anatomy through books, art, etc. It even helps to learn the muscles and bones and how they work together--but at the very least you need to learn the proportions and shapes of the body. This also means that you need to have anatomical reference in front of you during the *entirety* of the modeling process. I've heard it said that unless you can name every muscle in the human body, you better have an anatomy book in front of you when you model.

2. Study topology. Topology in general is very important, but character topology is the most important of all! Recognize this, and STUDY character topology. Scour the internet for examples of other people's character topology. Build a reference library of images of other people's models. Look at those throughout your modeling process and make sure that every last inch of your model has perfect topology. Do a google search on "edge flow modeling," that might help. Also, this is a great thread with some good concepts:

If you can get all the anatomy right, and all the topology right, you'll be in good shape!

Here is a very popular character modeling tutorial to get you started. It's probably the most popular modeling tutorial on the interwebz.

Good luck! And stick to it. It may seem overwhelming at first but the more you get in to it the more exciting it gets!
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