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My preference is to do a shadow pass without the Detonation text. If you look under the shape node in the attribute editor, you should see a section called render stats. You can uncheck the Primary Visibility. However if you do it this way, you'll need to render out the table and Text as different diffuse passes, that way you can put the text shadow inbetween the two diffuse layers. I personally like this method because I have more control over the shadow during composition.

If you don't remove the text during the shadow pass, then you can render the table and text together for the diffuse pass. As far as AO, you should be able to render out everything in one AO pass. I'm no expert at rendering though, this is just the way I personally would do it.

During compositing, I typically have diffuse layer at the bottom and set to normal, then the AO layer set to multiply, then the shadow, then my specular and reflection on top of that. I set my specular and reflection layers to addition.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.
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