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Default Free Friday Tutorial #3: Use Background Shader

Simply Maya - Use Background Shader on Vimeo

This week Jay explains how you can incorporate a 3d model onto a 2d background with Maya’s use background shader. The method shown here will allow you to cast shadows onto an image and make the model sit more realistically in a composite. We take look at alpha channels, isolating shadows in a render and how the appearance of shadows can be controlled within Maya using the shader node itself, as well as how to gain a higher level of control in post applications.

- Compositing 3D Models onto 2D Backgrounds
- Use Background Shader in Maya
- Alpha Channels
- Isolating Components within Renders
- Controlling Shadows

This tutorial was created to help you get started with our January Challenge - Before and After which is running this month on the forum, more entries are very welcome so join in. You don't need to be an expert and we'll help you along the way.
You can also download our free tutorial "Ambient Occlusion Render Layers" to learn how to composite individual renders together in Photoshop.
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