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Hi Vortexx,

Welcome to Simply Maya. I think you'll be able to get a lot of good feedback on this forum, many friendly and helpful people around For the application you're using don't worry too much about which one to go with initially, there's tons of 3d apps and they all work in a similar manner. Maya and 3ds are some of the best and most widely used by studios because they're solid overall well functioning apps, also finding good training materials is easy. Every app will have plus and minuses and I think you might have picked up on a few minuses that get mentioned on forums sometimes.

The thing is that once you know one app well its easy to transfer this knowledge over to another one within a few weeks, it comes down to personal preference and some apps might support a workflow you prefer with time. My advice would be to get one app under control so if you've started with Maya stick with Maya, get the basic knowledge of all fields and once you have that specialize in the field you prefer. At that point you can start looking at specifics of other apps, if you know Maya well you'll be able to use whichever one you prefer it would only take you a few weeks to transfer this knowledge from one to the other, if you'd go off to work for a studio in the future you'd have to learn their apps and lots of them use proprietary software so when they take on new staff they get trained to work with their apps. In some cases you might be better off targeting a specific industry by learning a specific app to compete better but this would still be later down the road.

So get the hang of Maya, if modeling is the field you'd end up interested you can add zbrush as you're sculpting app but wait with this until you know how to model in Maya, it will make life much easier. As well Modo is an up and coming app in this field. If you want to work in the industry I'd also give you the advice to look into other fields like lighting, rigging and animation, because pretty much every one starts off with modeling there is an abundance of modelers so you have to be really good to find work as the competition is fierce setting the bar quite high for who gets employed and who doesn't.

Best of luck and I wish you a good year as well
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