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Originally Posted by Joey81 View Post
Hey All!

My project is to make a maya text on my table. I recorded it, tracked it, imported to maya...Working good. & now i am rendering 458 frames * passes.


I am not 100% sure in some part.
If i do an occlusion of my text "Detonation", does it need a plane under the Text??

My other problem is the shadow pass.
What is the method? Should I remove the Detonation text of the picture? If yes, where can i find that visibility button?

! I switched on the cast shadow

this is S R Swamy, INDIA

solutions for ur problems:

1. Yes, its need a plane under the Text, in comp u have to merge your layers with multiple option.

2. you have to apply usebg material to ur text and base plane and change use background attributes : specular color = BLCAK, reflectivity = 0, reflection limit = 0, shadow Mask = 1;

thats all u can get alpha out put for only Shadow

all the best.



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