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As Zbrushiac sounds stupid!
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You can build clothes in Zbrush but it might be easier, especially when first starting out, to model the clothes in Maya. That way you have a simple workflow to model them as you would your character. Or you can opt for a cloth sim in Maya. Plus a lot of nice detail can be put into a model in Maya, especially basic wrinkles and folds.

Obviously you can achieve clothes in Zbrush with a lot more detail but the process of getting them back into Maya, so they can be easily rigged, animated and rendered, might be a bit too much of an undertaking for someone just starting out. As it would involve creating a base in ZB, then detailing and extracting/retopologising the mesh, UV Mapping, Normal map/ Bump map generation and setting that all up in Maya.

Zbrush is a brilliant modeling tool (best out there if you ask me) but if your main focus is rigging and animating, it seems like an unnecessary step in your early pipeline.

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