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Hello everyone, I'm Jerry, long time members with not a lot to say
Have been a custom cabinetmaker and custom furniture builder for 30+ years
samples of work can be seen here:

have also had an interest in Maya for quite a while but just couldn't grok the tools.
But have also had illnesses set me back a couple times forgetting more than I learned.
Latest setback was major back surgery where they replaced several discs and screwed me back together.
Will be retired this year and really wanting to get a handle on Maya to help fill some of the free time I'm gonna have.
Figure I'll start by modeling some of the cabinets/furniture I've made since all dimensions/details are in my head.
Will be asking tons of questions about UV's and texturing, including watching the tuts from here.

Also like to tinker with computers in spare time, wanting to build the ultimate beast,
maybe this year

anyway, that's me and I'll be lurking around
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