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Default need advice

hey guys, i needed advice on something.
I did a 3D animation course, but the course was more oriented towards cinema (for movies, etc)....where they thought a little bit about everything (modeling, animation, rendering, compositing, special effects) I learned Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, MotionBuilder, SounTrack Pro, FinalCut Pro, Shake and Nuke, how to integrate a 3d composition in a real footage, how to generate bump or displacement maps in Mudbox (and im currently learning how to do it in Zbrush), things like that.

But my question is, is there much difference between 3D modeling in movies from video games? I'm thinking of applying for a position in video game companies like ubisoft or EA Montreal....but i dont know if i have the required knowledge to work in the video game field, should i do another course in 3d modeling oriented in video games, or is it pretty much the same thing?

i need opinions from people who work or worked in video games.

appreciate the help, thanks.
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