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Default February Challenge - Speed Machine

Ladies n gents start your engine(s).......

This months challenge is called Speed Machine and its purely modelling.

The idea is to model a vehicle of your own design that is super fast and looks fast even when its stationary, you know like a Lamborghini or a Yamaha R1.

It can be of a past, present or futuristic design, even steam punkish. The sky is the limit on this one so use your imaginations and let loose just make it look cool and fast

Dont worry about texturing but if you can then great, and it doesnt need to be in a scene but again its up to you.

Some basic rules....

Model MUST be of your own design, but obviously if you need reference to make it more convincing then no probs go for it.

Show Works in progress.

Final images can be either a still image no bigger than 1024 or do a turntable with a link to vimeo or You Tube.

name your thread: February Challenge - Speed Machne - 'Your Name'

Final entries to be in by the end of February (ish)

if you do need some inspiration I suggest looking up Neville Page and Scott Robertson, Harald Belker and of course Daniel Simon, also check out dragsters and even pod racer designs, all cool stuff

good luck to all

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