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Well here`s not to disappoint .......

Going to make something I designed back in 2005 for They had some monthly challenges re-designing the old toys for the new generation after the start of the 2002 TV show. At the time I thought it was so cool - then I saw an ep of Battlestar - stole a lot of my thunder. Here, see what I mean .....

Main Idea

Some research

Ruff ideas

Ruff ideas

So now I`m giving it the 3D touch.

Everyone knows how much I love He-Man here, so I thought why not.
The Horde was a group of toys for Heman, which got put into She-Ra tv show because the Heman cartoon was being killed off. These evil robots ran the planet and needed to get about fast to keep a evil rain over everybody. The idea was that there would be red lights between the panels so when flying over head it would look like the Horde Logo, scaring the people to thinking that they were always watching.

For those who have never seen a horde trooper
Lead by this guy

Anyway think its perfect for this challenge - My own design in my fav cartoon style.

so here I go...

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