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I have a Bsc in Computer Animation and Special Effects, and the university I attended offered both BA and BSc courses in relation to 3D but I found that BSc offered a more technical approach to elements i.e. they will touch on things like Mel Scripting, maybe advanced rigging, topics such as this; whereas the BA did not but like you say did involve more artistic modules. I chose the BSc because to be honest I cant draw for shit (in the grand scale of things) but I didn't want to be a concept artist and for the elements that interested me it wasn't a huge contributing factor (although thats not to say it wouldn't have come in handy form time to time).

I have friends who create some fantastic things with a graphics tablet, ZBrush and Maya, so if you wanted to further your knowledge with skills that employers do look for then I would concentrate on technical aspects for educational purposes combined with artistic aspects you do in your own time to strengthen your knowledge base.

What you will find with most universities (and speaking with graduates) is that uni's teach you enough to pass the course and if you want the top grades be prepared to put in plenty of work out of university hours. A degree in itself will not get you a job, it gets your foot in the door so ensure your work reinforces or even exceeds the qualifications you have on paper.
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