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Default messiah studio 5 for $10!!!

Sorry, im not sure if this has been posted yet.

This is awesome, you can get messiah studio 5 (animation software) for $10 for the standard edition or $40 for the pro! This is all commercial too!

"pmG are offering the possibility to get their messiah studio for a drastically reduced rate ($10 or $40 based on version) if sufficient people choose to do likewise. From their site : 'This offer is open to: Individuals, small businesses, hobbyists, starving artists, the unemployed, schools, students, CG studios, game developers, plugin developers, architects, tinkerers, compositors and aspiring movie makers, in any country. Limit 4 copies per customer, mix and match.'

You can find out more here.

the bar on the site is going up fast!!
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