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Default Change center on mac/fire rotation

hey i have 2 questions. the first is more modeling then the second but i figured its better to just do one post.

so i was wondering how to change the center or origin on a mac. on a pc its the Insert button i no that makes it pop up and allows you to just move and rotate like a object. but we are un sure how to do this. im on a mac book so i have a very limited keyboard =)

my second question is about the fire button in the dynamics part. i have found that it would be nice to just do some visualization. but i was wondering if there is a way to make it shoot sideways instead of flow up. like in a rocket or something like that. also is there a way to parent them to objects so when the obj rotates the angle of the fire does too?

anyways this forums been great so far so dont let me down! let me no anything u can and thanks ahead of time!
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