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Originally Posted by THX1138 View Post
This is starting to make more sense as an underwater sub than it does as a sand racer.
Maybe so... but I like the sand idea, and a roll-cage doesn't work too well underwater. Also, the "jets" on the side aren't really jets per-se, more like anti-gravitational energy plates... we'll see how they come out in the end.

I haven't been working on maya for a bit partly because I recently got Lightroom and have been messing about in it. Today I got tethered capture working with my T2i... which isn't totally useful, seeing as I don't have a studio in my house, and there's only so many times I can photograph my computer or bookshelf... but it's so totally cool anyway. I can trigger my camera with my computer.

So.... yeah, and it's valentimes day, so I'm not going to be on the computer all day either. I'll post an update tomorrow. Nope, I'm doing photography tomorrow. Wednesday.
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