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Originally Posted by Jay View Post

LOL - Yellow go fast stripes on the Batman LOL I like it, I see your point but there isnt anything on the suit that stands out that blatantly to horrify anyone or compare with street fighter like Gen said - no no LOL
What you cant see it looks like it was knitted by someone's nan and the go faster strips on the boots and wrists - The film is directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer)

I just does not feel right me slagging of spiderman so thats all I have to say about the suit - ha dame you sony and crack(crap) team of designers.

I`m a big Riddick fan myself - a Pitch Black kicks ass - Glad the 3rd ones going to scale back on budget - but love all 3 film so far and loved the games - he is such a cool character.
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