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Default Nightcrawler X-Men - Stepping in to Zbrush - plz hold my hand

Well its been a long time coming but my copy of Z brush hit the floor at my house yesterday - its time to start to learn it. Every other time I have tried has been with trails, and must say I did not get on with it. But its here to stay and a must to learn these days so here I go. Also after spending 480 I don`t really have my GF will kill me if I don`t start making some really cool models. All Mayaniac fault - his monitor battle with me opened my eyes to how much can be done so quickly with it.

Just watched all the training at Zclassroom under the getting started, just to find a free dvd with all the videos within the box (10 year collectors edition for ya). Thats what you get for watching videos before opening the program.

Going to place any work I do here in this thread as I am going to take this slowly.

But not of to a great start the graphics seem to be lagging, and when creating some ref images (plane 3d with textures on when rotating the front one moves (not the plain the texture) is there any settings within Zbrush for textures.

Also just so I know what should I set my memory to if I have 10 gigs of ram.

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