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Moved this from bullets thread

Originally Posted by The_08 View Post
look here tweetytunes ...
i came in this forum with intention to find and learn something what is new for me. On challenge case, i just tell my opinion, as i saw darecarce's model and a couple others i though that the challenge is for artist on some higher level. As i can see you and may others didn't understand me what i like to say to bullet. As first i just tell my opinion about the model, it is clear that all of us are not same art intelegent to came up to some new good and strange concept. When i wrote the comm i have started drawing a new concept especially for bullet. i take care the concept to not be so hard for modeling cos i saw that bullet is not professional and i've been planed to send the concept on PM to bullet and then gradually to help him if he couldn't do something. After that he'll came on the chalenge with something more interesting that current work.
It doesnt matter now ...
Look here tweetytunes ??? - this is what we are on about. We are a friendly site, talk like this is not why most of us come back here day after day. You want to come here and learn something fine - welcome - ask us anything you like - show us your work and we will tell you what we think and how we would fix it. I have learnt so much more here than I did after 5 years of uni doing 3D Animation and I have been here since 2004 and have only ever upset one person and when I found out I had I sent him PM saying sorry straight away.

But as a group we would never say its not up to standard and looks like 5 min work - That is nothing but an attack on a guys months work - and as my first line of my last post 2 you proved anyone can be nasty.

"Yours looks like its coming along really nicely and my only crit at the moment is that it does look a lot like the "tron" bikes with a seat cover, maybe add some different parts to make the look your own" - that`s what I was going to say about yours until I read you comment - same message as other post but nicer words. That`s all we ask for here.

I would personally like to welcome you here at - even though its not my site (no official part what so ever) - but its 100% my home away from home.

We are going to wipe the slate clean and say fresh start and no hard feeling as bullet seems fine with everything right now. Feel free to comment about peoples work but explain what you think it`s missing or needs changing.

As for the challenges - they are open to everyone, no matter the skill - Jay and Mike before him is working hard to bring in people who don`t normally take part because they are scared that other peoples work is too good. And at the moment its working - Just a few months back we had someone win a challenge because he was the only one who entered, now we are up to 19 peeps in.

We are a great set of people here - just treat us with respect and you`ll soon see why we love this site. We are proud not to be like places like CGTalk were all they do is judge your work but never help out - thats why this place rules.

You seem to have a great skill and many here could do with your help at times, just remember other peoples feelings.

Neil (Tweetytunes)

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