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Originally Posted by tweetytunes View Post
My problem at the mo is Z-Spheres - all the training I have found starts with them when goes to Maya to currect the topology - pointless just make the base mesh in Maya - so thats what I`m going to do. But which DVD are you on about as I don`t see any new ones over there.
I don't know what training you've been watching, but the whole point of ZSpheres is that you dont have to waste time in Maya blocking out a basemesh, you can rough out a character from ZSpheres in a tenth of the time... then you can retopo in ZBrush when you're ready. You can then bake off you're normal/disp maps, You can create your textures in Zbrush, and you can even use AppLink to jump your model over to PS to add some texture detail, then jump back.... seamless texturing! And you can use GoZ to make any mesh corrections you want.

Of course that's just one workflow... and you can use Maya to make a basemesh if you prefer, and sometimes it works better that way, especially if you have a lot of harsurface objects in your character's design.

I think ZBrush really comes into it's own with the conceptual side of the process. It's great for exploring a concept, weather it's already formed in 2D and you're just fleshing it out, or if you're designing from scratch... there's nothing faster... and the best thing is, once you've got the concept spot on and you're happy with it.... you've already got your 3D model.... just retopo, bake some disp maps, do some texturing... done.

Anyway.... have fun with Nightcrawler, looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

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