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haha cheers Bullet, am very fortunate to be getting paid to do something I enjoy. Sorry there have been no updates on this for a while but have been doing a lot of testing lately with getting facial capture back into Maya and perfecting setting up the heads in face robot. Finally got everything sussed and working good without having any trouble impoting the captures back into Maya and onto the rig.

This is the main reason I am posting as I am not sure f this will be interest to others of you out there. Discovered an app called point oven which is 100usd. It allows you to import mdd files which are files that have keyframes set to the vertex information or something of the like. With point oven I am also able to create mdd files as it bakes the motion capture files or key framed animation in Maya.
Have never been able to get rigged characters into other apps in the past without running into issues with weights etc. Was usually able to get into 3ds max but with cinema, lightwave and others I would often run into problems. Have been able to get these mdd files into any app that already reads them or has a plug in for this without any problems though.
I know most people/companies tend to use one app as it is often a bag of worms when you start introducing other software. This is just very useful as one of my workmates can now set up dust, fire and cloth simulations in cinema as he can get much better and more realistic results than I can achieve in Maya.
Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone but if so hope it helps.
Also just need to model/texture the controls for the chinook so with any luck it will be finished today. Have also started on a C-130 and the exterior is complete and has an empty interior at the mo. I will try and get some renders up in the next day or so.



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