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Cheers Darecarce

well its pretty straight foeward really no big deal. There was a one key light (directional) for my sunlight and shadow direction, and then a couple of spotlights, one below the craft to lighten the underside a bit then the other towards the back of it. Light colors were blue for the main and then the spots were the same color as the background. I then threw in a desert hdr image on a low setting to soften the image and get a global feel to it. I then rendered out several passes for the ship: diffuse, spec, reflect, AO, AE and Zdepth then used a fluid for the fog, and an also an N-Particle for the lower dust around the ship.

I know I said it was straight forward but there was alot of time testing shaders and getting the right lighting, plus tweaking textures. The shaders on the craft were a mix of blinn and MIA material X, the dust had a volume shader on it with a hi phong coeffiency setting to get more depth on the dust. The textures on the mountain side are actually a lot of photoshop matte painting work as I felt the textures I had done for the set previously wern't actually that good in my opinion

Hope that helps
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