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Originally Posted by mastone View Post
just found this bit funny:" and it was crap (now on ebay for sale) "
Not a real salesman are you hey tweety hahaha
Well I not going to try and sell it to you lot am I

Originally Posted by mastone View Post
change 3d artest in 3d artist
I had spotted and changed that in my files on my PC but it seems I have not uploaded them. - Sites all made in photoshop more than code and is still a wip - Going to have my showreel on the first page where Grimlock is and then some video breakdowns in the video section - I really should do the contact page ASAP if anyone does find the site. But to be honest with you forgot it was not finished.

Mayaniac - Yer I have watched some much training and they all say the same thing - only have 5 levels at mo, but done most my working on level 3.
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