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Im really not worried about it anymore, as its the same every year, they bring a version out, people complain because the color is crap or the tool doesnt do what it used to - heh Ive done it myself.

What Ive come to realise is the majority of people forget especially alot of the young up and coming people on forums like this is that Maya isnt really aimed at the home user - it never was. Its actually a high end piece of kit designed for making movies and these days, more games.

I think the frustration of not understanding it the first place seems to bring people to their knees whining about what should have been done and why the hell did they do that and wheres my make render cool button it was there in the last version? The answer really is progress - meaning that its evolving in accordance to what techniques the CG industry dictates is being used at that time.

Mayas power really does lie in its ability to be customised from the core outwards, so to see it really work you have to be in the right place - the games or movie industry. I recall learning maya from version 2.5 and I can tell you it was hard bloody work, and it has got better over the years and now having a career as a VFX Modeller Im privvy to some serious shit when it comes to having custom tools made for specific jobs.

It is what it is and as I said its not for the home user really at the end of the day, despite what Autodesk may claim - its tailored in a way so that tds can open it up and make it do what the artists need or require in order to get the job done. As far as the home user is concerned you/we are getting a basic package that if you want to make it do more you have to tell it to do it and thats where skills with C++, mel and python come in.

just my 10pence.....

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