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hhhhmmmmmmm I have trouble with English lingo...cos Im an Aussie, but I have aquired a basic mel programming for the reading shall begin this month (personal challenge Jay LOL). I havent delved into the 3D software side really but 25 years (most of) as a Surveyor...well we use very similar programs. Now we are getting into machine control a lot (3D models of land construction) and also scanning techniques which require point cloud data interploation etc etc. The software is always changing..not always for the better...but you just have to adjust and get on with it.

I currently use civilcad for my Surveying...and its killing me!! because of the complexity of my job...well ccad doesnt 3D and ACAD does...and now after slowly being helped/trained in Maya by you guys..well I expect a lot more from my software at work. To end this, I agree Jay...I think peoples expectations are lofty...less time whinging and just adjust tack slightly and get over it...I do it a hundred times a day LOL. Really from my end, software changes are only REALLY relative every 2 years anyway...maybe longer.

"A Darkness at Sethanon", a book I aspire to model some of the charcters and scenes
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