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Sorry Jay but I am dyslexic and have to relay on the spellcheck a lot and as you can tell that word although wrong is spelt correctly.

Bullet here is the cover for that gears of war pack

Its one and two and the dlc, but you should get a copy of the first one cheap

Might have been unreal tour 2003 as there was no 2002. I have unreal, unreal tour - gold, unreal tour 2003,2004, unreal 2 and unreal tour 3 Limited Ed (pc + ps3), unreal championship (xbox), bulletstorm (360), shadow complex (dlc 360) gears of war 1,2 both limited editions (360) and Gears 1 PC (for the editor) and all dlc. Little bit of a fan - I also have Gears of war concept art on the walls of my PC room (framed), all 3 books, every comic and a set of gear cogs for around my neck.
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