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Well was going to do some zbrush tonight and get cracking with nightcrawler and then I remembered I had not reinstalled it -duh (will get on it 2mo) - so spent some time on me environment. Now I know I said I was going to keep this till I was ready but as I said I really want to focus more on the lighting and textures on this challenge, but here is my problem - I suck at lighting. Now I got the basic layout modelled out but no props or decorations in there yet.

What I got - and yes a little dark at the mo ..... only using sun and sky

Before you say anything about this image its a major wip but using it to help people see my problems.
Guy with no arms is just there for scale - not apart of the project - and yes hes currently slightly floating.
Quite happy with the textures and uv`ing at the mo but render not the best because of lack of lights.

Here is a map of the light I think I need - not worried about the light from behind the doors iva end yet.
Arrow = sunlight, (blueish)
Long straight lines = downwards neon lights x 2, (Yellowish)
Dots = Uplights x 6 (Yellowish)

Is this a good plan or am I doing something wrong - how would you light this scene?

I`m thinking directional light for the sunlight, but what do I use for the other lights
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