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hahaha, never say never. I wasnt saying anyone should join a big company, no no, I was pointing out what happens at them and some of us are privvy and lucky enough to use the custom built tools to enable us to do stuff that you cant do out of the box when you launch it. However yes, maya is very very good, it can help the artist immensley. We all have our little niggles with it, I do, but Ive been using it for a long time now and to be honest even after some thought about switching to modo or even blender because of upgrade prices being too steep, I'm sticking with what I know now.

Of course you do what you need to with it, as long as you can get done what you need to, then theres no reason why not

Of all the new features in the 2012 version, Im quite like the the new substance materials setup......very nice. If that can be made use of with your own textures too, that will really be super useful.

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