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Default Right-Click was working, Now Changed? Not sure what I have done???

OK, very new to Maya, I have been getting my head around it, and in the process I have selected either the wrong keyboard shortcut or shirt instead of crtl, etc… but I have lost the ability to select object, faces, edges, etc from all viewports except the perspective window.

I now only have the correct setting for when I right-click the mouse in the perspective windows (please see attached image 02-03-2011 14-41-58.jpg (the second image)).

If I then right-click on any object in any of the other windows (top, front, side) I get a different window (see attached image 02-03-2011 14-41-32.jpg (the first image)).

Really could do with a hand to point out where I have gone wrong / or what I have done to cause this, tried quitting out, but still the same when Maya re-starts, really annoying as cannot finish of my tutorial.

So please help!! Beg Beg, Would really appreciate helping me (the thickie) out…

If it helps I have also noticed that at the same time that this happened I noticed that I cannot just click on an object to select it, but when I left click to select an object I get a list of all of the objects that I could select on appear as opposed to whatever I am selecting? really annoying and cannot get rid of this, as do not know how??? (see attached image 06-03-2011 12-13-13.jpg (the thrid image)) PLEASE HELP.....

Also here is another issue, here i am right-clicking on a curve to try to select 'control vertex', but when i right-click i get the following menu appear and not the option to select control-vertex, etc.... (see attached image 06-03-2011 12-32-24.jpg (the forth image)).
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