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Hi Neil,
Really sorry to hear you aren't well, I have been in the same position you're in, I too ended up in hospital with what I thought was a heart attack, and found I had been suffering from panic attacks for several months.
I'd been doing the same thing that it sounds like you had been for quite a while, spending 14-20 hours a day for months on end in front of my Pc.
Although it pains me to do it I am now forcing myself to go out for at least 3 hours a day even if I have nothing to do, just to get my blood flowing and get a change of scenery for a bit. But I have also been lucky enough to get a job where I have to go on long journeys that are miles away from home, but even on the days I dont do that I try to get as many breaks as possible.
I don't know if it's the same thing for you, but I've found exercise really has helped me, and I'm starting to feel better after doing that for a few months.
I hope that even if you don't have the same thing for similar reasons knowing someone else out there is feeling the same way helps, if you ever want to chat I'm on Facebook so you know where to find me.

Get better soon mate, we're all hoping you do.

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