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Default Animating branching curves

Hi there!

I'm trying to use the following curves:

to create an animated extrusion along each of them, progressively, so that the extruded tube starts with one at the bottom and ends up, after 240 frames, with 9 extrusions at the top.

I have figured out how to animate the extrusion, but right now am having to animate each of the 9 extrusions one by one. I need to make many unique variations of these curves & extrusions and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to speed the process up.

For instance, is there a way to connect the curves at the intersections, then run one extrusion, then animate that once over time, or do I need to animate each branch of every set of curves individually?

Also, once created (with the animation), is there a way to copy the group and be able to move it, while still keeping the local animation of the 'growing' extrusions?

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