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Default Thanks too all

What more can I say but Hello - I`m back, I`m OK and of course Thank you.

I am manly enough to say your comments brought me to tears and it really hits home just how much more this site is than other 3d ones are. They all came as such a shock as I thought my girlfriend had no idea about the site, and when she gave me a print out of the thread she told me she had no idea how much I was respected at

Finally home with bottles of pills but forever thankful I`m still here. That scared the living shit out of me and I am now more aware of what I have than ever. My girlfriends love I have never taken for granted, but itís unreal how much I missed the tongue of my dog on my face - and I don`t care how wired that may sound, its true (I love my pup).

My lovely charlotte did get a few things wrong, but yes was and still am under a lot of stress but itís not the 3D (although will be cutting it down for a while) itís mostly the lack of a job. And I`m not talking 3D job I mean any job - bar, shop, bowling alley - even Mc D`s turned me down because the UK is messed up right now. I have never really been out of work and to think 2 years ago I had 2 jobs for the most part of year. Getting another 3D job has been my dream now for so long and I did throw myself right into it the last few weeks - that Horde Hunter clocked up a silly amount of hours. Was it worth it - in sort no - even if it had won I spent too long worrying about those silly little wings that I spent very little time with my girlfriend the last few weeks Ė something I`ll never do again - ever.

But I also did too much everyday - up 7/8 am when the misses went to work Ė going to bed at 3 am, doing all the house work and cooking because I felt like a bum - walking the dog 2 hours a day was great for her but was tiring me out but I just kept going. I was also running a lot trying to lose weight, which I thought was working - turns out it was the stress. Itís not hard to see the problem here - There was no down time - something I used to always remember but as of late something I put to the side.

Going to catch up on a full sky hd box full of films I have not had the time to watch, Going to Wales this weekend to see my family - they worried way too much, so I`ll pay them a visit, and the girlfriend just got me all 22 volumes of the ultiumate spiderman graphic novels to read in bed - she knows me too well. So soon I`ll spend a little time on the PC working on personal small projects - as 3d was one way I used to relax - thinking the nightcrawler zbrush project will be the one for now, no time limits on that one. Out of the challenge this month but many, many thx to all who posted in the thread about the different ways of lighting it, will read through it and try some of them at some point.

I know how lucky I am right now. Thanks for all the get well soon`s, offers for drinks (but I canít due to the drugs), the grapes (cracked me right up) and support you showed my girlfriend - who wishes she knew 3D so she could spend more time here now. Thanks also to all the mods as well - so rare that so many got in touch - no other site would do that.

Sleep is calling and I somehow have to move this lump of a dog of the bed (not left my side all night bless her). And don`t worry I know rest, rest and more rest is needed and thatís all I am planning to do right now.

Many Thanks - A very lucky and hummble Tweety
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