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Default timeline scrubbing.

working on a project.. a short 11 second animation <not for the website>

well i have it blocked out and all that good stuff..

Currently am tweaking it. throwing in betweens here and there ya know..

but i am totally peeved off at one thing. JUST ONE THING.

First all. I am working with Final Cut Pro and am able to scrub thru video left and right with no worries and smooth as buttercup pie. Yes.. I know it's a friggin video tho and is in memory ready for playblack.

But when I am scrubbing thru my animation on Maya If I wanted to scrub thru 10...20 frames back and forth. It's choppy and acts as if I still had it blocked out. it shows inbetweens yes.. but If I make something rotate in a arc motion. well.. I want to see a smooth arc when I scrub the sucker.


Whats the deal here. Do I have to tweak it.. then PLAYBLAST that @#%@#... then view it and decide on if the tweak is good or not?

Should I not be able to scrub thru the timeline at a timely manner enough to view the new keys smoothly?

How can I get my scrubbing through my timeline smoother so I can speed up my animating? I feel the choppy scrubbing is slowing me down because I have to keep playblasting it just to see the flow of my animation.

I feel my video card is sufficient but I am not liking how this scrubs and feel it could be better.

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