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Flow Path Object / Motion Path does not work after frame 10

Im having a problem with the Flow Path Object and Motion Path. I am doing an animation of an arrow that deforms to a path. So far i have created the Path with some right angle turns, Object, Made a Motion Path and Flow Path Object so the lattice shows up. I am able to animated the arrow growing along the path for 10 frames. the u value is from (0.0 -> 0.06). i scaled the object from (0.00 -> 208.00). I would like it to animate 150 frames. Trying to get it to grow past 10, the object doesnt bend around the turns, and it will not let me change any values. I checked the Start/End frame when i set up the Motion Path. it was at 0 -> 150 frames. I have tried to move the key frames, change the u value at frame 150 to 0.60, but that didnt work. I have tried to edit it in the animation graph editor and that didnt work. I have it working the way i want it from frame 0 -> 10. But i cant not get it to animate after frame 10. I thought the Nurbs Curve History on the Path would have been the problem.. the Min Max Value is set to 0.00 -> 10.0 but i cant change that value either.

So if anyone has had this problem and knows how to fix it let me know.