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How heavy is my scene.

I am not sure.. I have a hundred key frames give or take.. including lip sync and face expressions..

Using Playblast.

that's what I want to not use to view a smooth scrub. I want to scrub it smoothly. It just makes sense that way and would be better for faster workflow..

mmm I feel my hardware is adequate for this.. 8 core 3.2 ghz.. 8gb ram <want more>.. quadro fx with 700+mb RAM..

Anyways.. this is ridonkulous.. the rig is "Eleven" from 11 second animation.. it's a rather simple rig with no fancy extra geometry.

Use Caches.

If I use a cache.. I would have to redo that everything I made an adjustment to the animation.. I think.. If i'm right.. that's about the same as having to use playblast.

Mmmm.. little aggravated..
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