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Originally Posted by mastone View Post
Either you have a classical art background or you are lying about this being your first project, it has good compostion, atmospheric dissipation( where it usually get's a blueish haze the farther you look from the camera-you picked green ) , soft shadows ( trees), variation in textures/color which gives it a more natural feel.

Looks great
Thanks guys, Im glad you like it, I just thought it could be better but my Maya skills are very limited. No offence taken at all (I am a he), yes this is my first project in Maya, I was learning on the job and it took ages because I ran into problems and had no idea how to solve them. But yes I have been using 3D for a couple of years now, but Cheetah 3D looks like a box of crayons compared to Maya. And yes I am an artist and illustrator. The various greens in the background was taken from a Disney forest idea, clients request.

Now I'm back to tutorials and STILL trying to get a good gold material in Maya, I'm obviously doing something wrong, the freebies are not working. The good thing about Cheetah is gold is just a drag and drop, it comes with the program.

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