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Originally Posted by Jay View Post
Its a neat idea, theres a similar thing in zb4 I think but dont quote me on it. This is a good idea to use for fast concept ideas too.

Is that the Softimage rabbit too??

not sure about the origin of the rabbit. it comes with meshmixer - actually its the only model (other than the included bodyparts) that they have. guess so you can start out and play as i did. don't remember any notices about copyrights. unless you can use the softimage rabbit for free???

i suggest you download it and check it out - it is not even 30 mb. from
meshmixer is a free tool for making crazy-ass 3D stuff without too much hassle. Or boring stuff too. You decide. Watch the video below...then download it and give it a whirl
has 32/64 bit versions for both win and mac

edit: well, there you go - the bunny is not the only model that comes with it. only thing it does have is a special button - one is import (opens file browser for obj files) and the other is import bunny. my bad

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