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Originally Posted by bullet1968 View Post
Ok first off you really do need (construction views mate) pivot points of weight every 10 to 20 metres SHOULD be either a column from top to bottom to take the weight of the bridge...with me so far? if not I can bash out a 5 min example.
you mean a pole that goes to the bottom of the cliff?

Originally Posted by bullet1968 View Post
second : for both water run off and basic 'lets not roll out the door over the cliff' the planks should have a lean towards the cliff if you staggered out pissed and fell would roll back towards the cliff face.
that makes sense, maybe ill have one of 'earlier construction' where the platform is sloping downwards away from the cliff and a broken fence where someone has stumbled out of...

Originally Posted by bullet1968 View Post
third: to dissapate the water run off...right hard up against the cliff would be a gutter (same as the one on your roof) this would take the water to the end of the row..either to a tank on every floor (for water) or to a resovoir at the bottom..which would then need a bucket/winch for everyone to share the water...or you could use a corkscrew gadget like they did in ancient Egypt.

This would of course mean that either every level, will have a slight fall from left to right (or vice versa) or the floor will be flat and the gutter itself will have the fall.
ah yeah, thats one way to get water... i was (still probably will) have a pulley system where there's some rope with buckets attached to it that goes down to the water below to scoop some out. two ways to get water should be good

Originally Posted by bullet1968 View Post
Have I still got you??
mostly! apart from the first part i get what you mean


that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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