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Guilty, it was me You mean this one I think

I took it away from the stickies because we took the video off the new site and the thread itself is not that great without the video. But that was a really good video by mike, it just went because it was a few years old and the audio on tuts from a few years back can be a bit scary. It's pretty handy to have something to point to for rendering out a movie sequence. I'll see if we can get a video in for the free friday category tomorrow to replace it.

Any other specific threads you can think of? I only took down 3 or 4 but it was only because they were really old from 2003-2004 and pointed to sites that no longer exist, just got left behind with time and didn't make sense anymore. We need some new stickies though, for things like press the 'b' key, check your normals and keep faces together


Oh, and the FAQ was definitely in need of an update. I'll write one tomorrow when my brain works again. If you mean a general site FAQ, I never took away a maya one.
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