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Hmmm, something a bit like the Maya tips and tricks in the newbie lounge then? Speaking for myself I would not unstick a thread like that but i'm not the only one with super police powers around here I'll do a search as well. Guess we could always start a new one if we can't find it, keep faces together has gone down a few rankings and been replaced by the 'b' key in top position as far as I can tell. It's a useful thread to have for sure, I remember I used to wonder a lot about those NURBS as well and the more I read the more confused I got because although google's your friend well... I was also convinced that to render a good looking interior scene I had to work in max. Maybe we could do a "Breaking the myths - general software nonsense" kind of sticky in addition

On an off-note I like your new "bio-animator-in-training" sig stwert, I look forward to hearing your views on the school in the future.

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