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Originally Posted by stwert View Post
One thing you could try would be to turn "keep faces together" off and then merge the vertices together after?
no that would not solve the problem. when maya extrudes with "keep faces together" it actually does extrude the faces seperate and merges the verts afterwards in the center.

modo does it different. it appears that it extrudes each face with the same "keep faces not together" method, but then it does not merge the verts in the center, but in the intersection of the connecting edges. not exactly sure how that would work if more than 2 faces meet in the to be merged vertex.

if you had exact knowledge of that you could try to write a script to simulate modos extrude in maya. i think mayas method of merging in the center is mathematically easier since it is independent of history and or location of neighboring elements.

and to make a long story short: maya does not have a extrude problem only b/c it does it different than modo. but then maya is not modo. otherwise the other way around modo has a extrude problem over maya.
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