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Yeah show reels are tricky to get a balance with.

My crits:

The opening credits, a tad to long, but having your name, and contact details are essential, and have them at either end of the reel, if the recruiter gets to the end of the reel and are interested then it will save them rewinding to find out your details again. I do this on my reel, I believe Pixar like this approach too LOL.

Turntables are too slow, just do 200 frames for a 360 turntable, its not to slow or too fast, and should be enough for the eye to pick up on the model. Do an overlay with the same camera position from wire to AO to textures, its more interesting. But Showing the maps with UV layout is also a good idea, it will show you can model and texture. Try adjust your composition too. Also models with bases, a big no no, its not a Games Workshop Figurine etc, its a CG model readied for texture and animation, lose the base, have a wide ground plane or nothing at all. Also background color, do 50% grey, I picked this tip up from a VFX Director, it defines the model as not being finished. Everything is a grey area so to speak and isnt finsihed until its on screen. Its also a clean neautral color, that actually isnt garish like black or white can be.

Decide what you are as an artist. Are you are modeller/texture artist, or are you a compositer? What Im saying here is either lose the models on the reel or lose that eye plate at the end, with all the funk going on - I know what I would do.

music, have it if you want it, not everyone has the same tastes, but at the end of the day it will get turned off.

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